3 Tips for Great Kickboxing Pictures

Kickboxing pictures can be thrilling for a sports photographer; the sport promises continuous action in just a short amount of time and within a confined area. Here are some ideas to keep in mind when taking kickboxing pictures:

1. Move Around

You don’t need to stay in one position to take impressive shots. Before the start of the competition, look at possible spots where you can get a clear view of the action. Ask permission to situate yourself in your chosen area so you don’t get shooed away in the middle of a vital shot. Also, make sure that you don’t get in the way of judges or any of the staff’s view while taking photos, which is why you should choose more than just one vantage point.

2. Shoot Away

Don’t be content with a few shots or wait for someone to start kicking before you start clicking away. You may be a few seconds too late to take a picture of that beautiful ax kick solidly connecting or that flying kick landing effortlessly. Even pre-combat poses make good photos, so don’t think that any of your shots will go to waste. Just make sure that your aim is good and your shutter time will eliminate any blurring in your shots.

3. Use Wide Angles and Zooms

Since kickboxing is a very energetic and action-filled sport, there might be times that you will need to use a wide-angle lens to capture as much of the action as possible. After all, it may take you a few precious seconds to back away to catch the whole scene on your camera’s focus and this might cost you that perfect shot. It’s the same with your zoom lenses, which are capable of taking dramatic close-up pictures of the fights. Be open to experimentation but make sure you change lenses in between fights.

Just like other sports, kickboxing is a wonderful subject for photography. With these tips, proper equipment and continuous practice, you will be able to produce awesome kickboxing photos; keep on snapping those pictures.