Where Is the Best Place to Take Butterfly Pictures?

Butterfly pictures are difficult to take. This is because butterflies have erratic flying patterns and get startled easily. Finding a place to photograph butterflies increases the chances of getting a great photograph of the subject. The following are a few suggestions on the best places for photographing butterflies.

Butterfly Aviaries

Aviaries are houses which allow butterflies to fly without any restrictions in a limited space. The facility which houses the butterflies can be either open or closed. It creates an environment which is similar to the natural conditions where the butterflies were taken from and are easily accessible by the public. Photographers should check with the facility on what types of equipment are allowed inside. Places such as the Butterfly World do not allow monopods inside the facility, although other similar facilities will allow tripods.

Butterfly Farms

These are places where butterflies are bred in order to be released or sold for events such as weddings. The Meadowlark Botanical Gardens release hundreds of Monarchs and other types of butterflies all throughout the year. These types of areas are great for seeing multitudes of butterflies within a regulated space.

The Wild

Butterflies can exist in a variety of environments where flowers and plants are plenty. Look for areas with patches of flowers. This is a great way to capture different species of butterflies on photographs.

Local Backyard

The home garden gives photographers better control over the use of equipment and settings. It allows photographers to determine what times the butterflies arrive and which flowers they frequent. With this information, photographers will be able to prepare better prior to the actual shoot.