What You Need to Shoot Basketball Photography

Basketball photography is pretty challenging, like any other form of sports photography. Since the subjects are always on the move and speed is a very important factor in the game, you must always be on your toes and be alert enough to capture those great historical moments. Once you’ve missed them, they’re gone forever. Here is what you'll need to improve your basketball photographing skills.

DSLR Cameras

Naturally, you will need DSLR cameras in order to take decent basketball pictures. You will have to be able to manually set your camera in order to make good basketball photography shots. You need to set the shutter speed and aperture of your camera so you can capture the players’ moves on the court. This cannot be done with ordinary point and shoot cameras, since manual options with these are somewhat limited.


It is recommended that you position yourself close to the field or on the baseline under the basket. This allows you to take close up shots which are more detailed and in–depth. This also enables you to capture the moves of the players as they go for the basket.


You cannot always determine what a player will do next and if he will make a mind-blowing dunk worthy of the front page of the sports section. As a photographer, you are therefore expected to anticipate moves such as these in order to capture them effectively. You can’t just wait for the move to happen. Chances are it will all be over by the time you hit the camera button. Anticipating the game is therefore very important in basketball photography.