Using Valentines Day Pictures in Advertising

There are websites that let you upload Valentines Day pictures online, not just for display but for selling. Companies have been known to buy “stock” photos to enhance product line promotions or marketing brochures. Here’s how to enhance your Valentines Day photos to make them possible candidates for advertising gigs.

Crop and/or Zoom

Unless it’s a landscape shot, there should be a main theme in the picture that can be easily identified. Cropping and zooming on parts of the photos to show a close-up of a couple gazing into each other’s eyes or laughing at the camera is a better bet than whole body shots from a distance.

Use Color Creatively

Images that look drab can be upgraded with the use of the color palette or artists effects of any image enhancement program. Go ahead and experiment with several effects or color schemes on just one image. Or, even turn it into a collage. The possibilities are endless!

Check for Candid Moments

You’re mom may not have liked that candid shot you took of her and your dad while he was carrying her around, but advertising companies will most likely appreciate the energy and vivacity of this image. Do include the candid shots along with the posed ones, as they are both beautiful in their own way.