Using Images Plus for Astrophotography

Before Images Plus, astrophotography was a very tedious affair since it was done mostly manually. Now, there is no need to play babysitter to your telescope with Images Plus taking over. Here’s how you can enjoy Images Plus when photographing the stars:

Easy Preset

You can pre-set the exposure time and ISO length including the pauses between frames. Certain Canon camera lines such as the Rebel and EOS series and a host of other popular camera brands are virtually automated with the Images Plus software. You can watch TV, do the laundry and cook dinner while your camera shoots photos for you with Images Plus.

Image Enhancement

You can calibrate images to remove thermal current, bias and other unnecessary fixed signals. You can also perform stacking, which is combining of several short exposure shots into one master images, with the Images Plus along with other required image correction and digital correction requirements.

Image Conversion

After capturing, editing and enhancing your images, you can convert those images to other formats using Images Plus easily and speedily. This is one of the most recommended image software programs for astrophotography because of its functions and ease of use.