Taking Great Rowing Photography

Rowing photography can mean taking shots of an interscholastic contest between several collegiate rowing teams or just a romantic picture of two people on a boat ride. Along with a good creative eye and persistence, you can use the following tips to take a good batch of rowing images for your portfolio:

Shoot If It Looks Good

The viewfinder is your best friend and taking too much time with other details, such with the other camera functions, when you could just be shooting away, can make you lose that possible once-in-a-lifetime shot. Rule of thumb: If it looks good on your viewfinder and/or focus, snap away. Digital photography can allow you to erase shots that you don’t like at the end of the shoot, so don’t waste too much time studying your shots.

Rain or Shine

No need to wait for the perfect weather conditions just so you can take your preferred photo. There have been times when a slight drizzle can actually enhance any rowing photo. This may mean your subjects will have to break out the umbrellas in the midst of the downpour, but by all means, do not cancel the photo shoot. Keep shooting and you just might be surprised with the outcome.

Move Around

Don’t stand still and always remember that eye-level isn’t the only possible position for taking a good shot. There are a number of other angles, distances and positioning that you can choose from to enhance a shot. As long as your view isn’t inhibited by the shrubbery or any geographical outcropping, go ahead and see the possibilities from that point of view. Remember to use your wide-angle lenses or zoom lenses too if you have any.

A good eye, creativity and positioning are only a few of the basic necessities when taking gorgeous rowing pictures. However, the best way to improve these skills is to practice them as much as possible. Continuous use of your equipment and gifts will serve you well in the long run.