Taking Great Fishing Pictures

When fishing pictures are used for local news reports or online fishing sites, more people are likely to criticize how they're taken and not the size of the fish. Here are a few tips for taking great fishing pictures.

Be Comfortable and Relax

This applies to both shooting and posing. Even the best photographers request their subjects to smile sincerely or feel at ease during a photo shoot. Take several photos until the subject and the cameraman are comfortable with what they’re doing.

Consider Mother Nature

Don’t shoot fishing pictures when there’s fog or condensation. If the sea is rough, you might get blurred images. Avoid shooting into the light.

Focus on the Fish

The fish should be held up from underneath and posed horizontally in front of everyone since they're the stars of the photos.

Try and Try Again

Take several shots at different angles and try different poses. It's better to erase excess images than not get enough fishing pictures.

Maximize the Camera

Experiment with the flash, zoom and other camera functions before the fish are caught. The only exception is the date stamp, which should be turned off. That way, the camera and cameraman are prepared to take that perfect picture.