Learning about Motion Blur Photography

Motion blur in photography is commonly used in sports or capturing objects that are moving fast. However, this technique is also useful when emphasizing movement or motion, regardless of the speed or size of the movement. The following are a few tips on how to perform motion blur.

Go Full Manual

This allows photographers to control the camera’s settings. Going full manual or opting for the shutter priority mode gives photographers better control on the amount of blur while making sure that the shot is still well exposed. Experiment balancing between aperture and shutter speed settings for a great shot that uses motion blur.

Stabilize the Camera

Keep the camera perfectly still while taking the shot. Use a tripod or place the camera on a stable, level surface for the most stability. This ensures that only part of the shot is blurred while the rest remains clear and sharp.

Slow Down Shutter Speed

Motion blur is a result of the amount of time the camera’s shutter remains open. This allows the image sensor to see and capture the movement. With longer shutter speeds, there is greater movement blur. As more light reaches the camera, there is a greater possibility of having over-exposed shots. Compensate by adjusting or reducing the aperture and decreasing the ISO.  

Try Slow Sync Flash

The technique involves using a flash in combination with longer shutter speeds. This results in capturing motion blur while other areas remain sharp and vivid.

Panning the Shot

Using this technique, the camera movies and follows the subject. This creates an image wherein the subject remains sharp and focused while the background remains blurred.