Learn Photography Basics in 5 Simple Steps

It is easy to learn photography when the art is broken down into simple steps. Some shy away from learning this skill because of the learning curve. Studying the following steps can help photographers be more proficient.

Step 1: Master the Camera

Photography is all about knowing about how to use the camera to its fullest capabilities. Whether using a high end professional camera or a point and shoot, photographers can create capture great images. Read the manual from cover to cover and be proficient in its features. Practice taking photographs of everyday items to see how the various camera settings work and how they affect the look of the photograph. Take as many photographs as possible until changing the settings becomes second nature.

Step 2: Get Close

There are telephoto lenses available on the market which can take photos from farther distances or photograph minute subjects. However, these cost a significant amount of money, and it takes time to learn how to use the equipment correctly. For photographers starting out in the field, learn to get as close to the subject as safely possible.

Step 3: Use a Tripod

Shaky hands can change the quality and impact of a photograph. Invest in a tripod and learn how to use it. This keeps the camera stable while capturing the image.

Step 4: Learn When to Use the Flash

There are situations when using a flash device is appropriate. Do not rely on the automatic flash feature, as the camera has a different way of assessing whether there is enough light available. Use flash when shooting subjects in the shade outdoors.

Step 5: Composition

For a more professional look, remember the “Rule of Thirds.” Divide the frame into three squares across and down, totaling nine squares. Instead of placing the subject at the middle, position it at any one of the four intersections of the grid.