How to Take Great Volleyball Photography

Volleyball photography doesn’t have to be an exclusive activity for professional sports photographers. Even amateurs with their high-speed cameras can try their hand at this and learn from the experience, since it is one of the most basic and simplest sports to photograph. Here’s a few trick and tips that any photographer can use if he decides to take pictures of the locale volleyball game:

Perfectly Position Yourself

This rule isn’t just for the players, but also for the volleyball photographer. To get that perfect shot of that amazing spike set-up, you have to be able to know exactly where to position yourself. Arrange for an early viewing of the volleyball court before the start of the game. If possible, ask for permission to be able to take shots as close as possible to the court and the players. If that’s not possible, find a spot in the audience area that will allow for good shots, even from a distance, and arm yourself with the best zoom lenses you have.

Research the Players

On a team, there are always the more dynamic players that are worthy of that action shot. Take note of the players that have performed magnificently in the past and make sure that you get photos of them in action. Take note also of the possible “dark horses” or “surprise performers” on the team. Sometimes, there are athletes who will perform better in particular games than others.

Click Away

Don’t be stingy with your shots. You never know when you have taken the ultimate action picture in the middle of that mad scramble to keep that ball in the air. Try to get the shutter speed right for these kinds of shots, as they are moving images and may cause blurring. Just remember to follow that ball, whenever it is within the players’ grasps.

Considering that you are located in a confined space and the players do not go beyond the volleyball stadium, photographing a volleyball game is one of the better and easier choices for a budding sports photographer. However, take into account that your basic photography skills are still your best ally in getting the best shots.