How to Take Great Track and Field Pictures

Taking great track and field pictures requires a better understanding and mastery of how the camera works and forecasting. The following are some suggestions on how to improve your track and field photographs.

Do the Research

Know the sport and the personalities to look out for. A better understanding of the sport will also enable photographers to know when to take the best shots. Take lots of memory cards and batteries. Photographers will need to take lots of photographs to increase chances of getting great shots. Bring sun block for hot weather and umbrellas to protect the equipment. Carry business cards if working as a photographer.

Practice before the Event

Experiment with what settings to use before the match. Faster shutter speeds will allow photographers to capture sharper images of fast paced shots. This will create darker shots. Compensate by increasing the ISO speed. Use ISO 400 for sunny weather shots while a minimum setting of 800 is great for overcast weather.

Get a Longer Set of Lens

Get as close to the action as the officials and organizers will allow. When photographing from a greater distance or for better close-ups, use longer lenses or telephoto settings.

Use a Tripod

A monopod or tripod will help stabilize the camera and get clearer shots. When photographing within a restricted amount of space, opt for a monopod instead.

Take Lots of Photographs

Anticipate the shot and start clicking before the great shot is expected to occur. More photographs increase the chances of getting great shots. Go for a camera with good frame rate. This allows photographers to take a succession of shots automatically.