How to Take Great Running Photography

Running photography has its own unique set of challenges. The fast paced movement can create blurred photographs. Here are some steps in taking better photographs during races.

Understand the Sport

Learn more about the sport and which racers to look for. This will give you a better understanding of what to expect during the day of the race. Watch videos of related racing events. Plan on what equipment to bring and practice on what settings to use.

Pick a Spot

Choose a spot that is closest to the action without endangering yourself. With larger or more popular races, these spots are easy to find. Look for areas where lots of photographers are congregated.

Take Photographs before the Race

Photograph racers before the event. If the weather changes or other issues occur, these may be the best and only photographs available. Depending on the type of race, this may be the best time to photograph relatives and friends of the racers as well as the crowd.

Time the Shot

There are two ways of photographing racers. One is known as panning which involves following the race with the camera. The trick is to try to keep the racers in the same position within the camera frame. This creates a sharp image of the racers while blurring the background.  Another technique is by composing the shot ahead of the runners and waiting for them to get into frame before taking the shot.

Take Lots of Photographs

This may produce a lot of blurred shots but will increase the likelihood of taking great pictures. Some cameras can take several photographs in a row. Use this feature if possible.