How to Take Christmas Tree Pictures

Taking Christmas tree pictures is a great way of capturing the magic of Christmas for the rest of the year. A Christmas tree is one of the most memorable things to see during Christmas. You will need to learn some basic techniques which can be used to take some of the best Christmas tree photos possible.

White Balance

When taking a photo of a Christmas tree, you will normally be shooting in doors. For this reason, you should ensure that the resolution is set up correctly. The type of lighting will need to be chosen correctly to set the white balance. The best way of doing this is to use a gray test card. This allows you to easily set the white balance.


As well as shooting the tree when it's decorated, you could consider taking before and after snaps. You will also be able to take photographs of people decorating the tree. Often the preparation of Christmas is just as important as the tree itself.


You should spend time practicing how to take the photos. Sometimes taking as many photos as possible will lead you to getting the best results. Take lots of photos with your digital photo and then simply decide which ones you want to keep.


Once you have finished taking the photos, you can download them to your computer. It's then easy to use a computer to edit the photos. Adjust the exposure to allow for Christmas lights and the reflection from the decorations.

Experiment to make the most out of your Christmas tree photos.