How to Make Photo Ornaments

Making your own photo ornaments can be a unique way of decorating your home and making it look festive for Christmas. These photo ornaments are actually very easy to make yourself. It's possible to make some of these decorations in as little as 15 minutes. They are also great to make if you have children because it's something that they can get involved in.

Step 1: Collect the Components

The first thing that you will need to do is collect all of the materials that are required to make the photo decoration. You will need the following:

  • Paper fasteners
  • String
  • 4x6 photograph
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors

Step 2: Choose a Photo

You will need to spend some time choosing a photo which will be suitable to make this decoration. You will find it easiest to use a 4x6 photo which will make a regular sized globe. Alternatively you could opt for bigger photos to make a much larger decoration. Try to choose a photo which has interesting patterns and is mainly the same color. This will create a very nice decoration.

Step 3: Cut the Photo

Cut the photo into 1/2" wide strips. Make sure that the strips are large enough to have holes punched in them.

Step 4: Punch Holes

Use the hole punch to punch a hole in the top and bottom of the photo strips. Then put paper fasteners through the holes to hold the paper in place.

Step 5: Hang the Photo

Attach string to one end of the decoration and tie it in a loop. Then the decoration can be hung on the tree.