4 Popular Photography Websites for Beginners

Beginning photographers can get a lot of good hints and tips from photography websites. Here are a few to get you started that are popular for beginners.

1. Photosecrets

This website has a lot of good information for not only beginning photographers, but those at every level. You will find everything from the kind of camera you should get to how to take better photos. There is also information on types of gear to use and how to sell photos.

2. Kodak

This site is an extremely good one for beginners and everyone else. It has information on how to take pictures of certain types of subjects (i.e. dogs, kids), how to print a photo, how to share photos online, and it lets you research data on both film and digital cameras. It also has some interactive demonstrations that will help beginners learn about key topics.

3. Photonhead

This site teaches more about how to use shutter speeds and f-stops. A lot of people find these two topics very hard to understand, so this is a great place to get better acquainted with them.

4. Scphoto

This site is great for the younger group of photographers and was developed by a high school teacher. It offers free lessons on different aspects of photography. There is even homework so you can find out if you really understand the lesson. Lessons are on topics like lighting, concepts, techniques, etc. The site also lists and explain photo terminology that the new photographer needs to learn.