4 Photography Books for Beginners

Beginning photographers can benefit from reading and getting tips and hints from photography books. Here are a few great books that are recommended by professional photographers.

1. "Digital Photography Masterclass" by Tom Ang

This book is good for beginners because it gives them clear lessons and tutorials on some of the technical aspects of photography such as exposure, color balance and other elements. It also talks about different types of photography. It has lots of sample photos in it to show the beginner how to do similar techniques.

2. "The Digital Photography Book" by Scott Kelby

This book helps beginning photographers and isn’t that long to read. This book is full of tips and hints for the budding photographer. The information is kept to one page for each tip, making it easy to look up a tip and figure it out.

3. "40 Digital Photography Techniques for Beginners" by John Kim

As the title says, this one has 40 different techniques for the beginning photographer. With this photography book, you will learn how to compose your shot, take a close up picture, use filters, and learn about things like the parts of your camera. There are many worthwhile hints and tips in this book that are good to know for anyone, not just the beginner.

4. "Quick Snap Guide to Digital SLR Photography"

This photography book helps you learn how to understand all the controls on most digital cameras. It can help a beginner learn to use his camera.

These four photography books are only a short list of the many available to help both beginning photographers and professionals alike.