4 Contemporary Photographers for Beginners to Study

As a beginner photographer, anyone needs inspiration to create an interesting personal portfolio, and the best place to find that inspiration is to take a look at the work of contemporary photographers. Depending on the type of photography beginners wish to take, there are numerous talented professionals to take notes from. The following contemporary photographers have set examples for many other talented people at the beginning of their road:

1. Ansel Adams

One of the most popular, world renowned photographers, Ansel Adams was at first a conservationist. He became famous by turning portraits of Yosemite and the Southwestern United States into photographic art.

2. Henri Cartier-Bresson

Contemporary photographers who wish to take notes from the “father of photo reportage” are welcome to browse this photographer’s galleries. Henri Cartier-Bresson finds his inspiration in classical and impressionist art and is in love with his Leica collection.

3. Anne Geddes

She is the best at photographing children. Working with children is not as easy as it seems, yet Anne manages to amaze her fans with colorful and expressive images of children.

4. Elliott Erwitt

Contemporary photographers are not all about the daily drama, classic portraits or jaw-breaking landscapes. This street photographer captures the humorous side of the world through his lens and also shows an affinity for dogs. He is, therefore, one of the most talented, cheerful artists still alive.