3 Ways to Enhance an Engagement Photo Shoot

The engagement photo shoot is about as important as the actual wedding pictures. Although, it might take a little more creativity since the couple won’t be wearing a suit and an elaborate gown during a ceremony and reception. Here are some tips to jazz up an engagement photo shoot:

1. Get to Know the Couple

Ask the couple about their story so you can replay the scenes in pictures. Let them feel at ease with you by talking with them first before shooting. The best way to gain their confidence is to offer yourself as a friend to them and not just hired help.

2. Be Creatively Candid

Though posed pictures look great, candid shots manage to capture the spontaneity and spirit of the pair in a more natural way. Create scenes where they can be spontaneous, like a parade, carnival or perhaps have minstrels sing to them during a dinner date. Let your creativity flow.

3. Consider What They Want

Since it is their engagement pictures, you should also consider some of their dream themes, favorite poses and choice of scenery. Use your skills to enhance what they want and the pictures may surprise both of you.