3 Tips to Use Architecture in Your Landscape Photos

Admittedly, architecture photos are not the first image that comes to mind when you hear “landscape photos.” However, using architecture as the main subject of your landscape can give new meaning and depth to every shot. Here are some tips on how to create visually appealing landscape photos with architecture as your main theme.

1. Location of the Structure

Is the structure more appealing when it is in the direct center of the photo? Is it possible to make it more interesting to look at when that house is on the right or left of the frame? It’s possible that moving the subject to different locations in the picture will also change the mood and message of your composition.

2. Lighting

Will a strong light help emphasize the structure’s size, or is it better that evening and man-made lighting be your support? Sometimes, it’s better to photograph structures like bridges and theaters during the evenings, when all their lights are on. The landscape then looks like it was covered in fiery jewels.

3. Distance from Structure

Do you want to capture the massiveness and enormity of a single structure in your landscape, or do you think it’s better when a whole cityscape of buildings is visible in your shot? Experiment with your distances, either by zooming or by traveling further from your subject.