3 Tips for Taking Great Motocross Photography

One of the most excitingly experiences a photographer can have is engaging in motocross photography. Obtaining Motocross race photos creates exhilaration and satisfaction that some may not find in other types of photography. Here are some tips to remember if you’re aching to shoot a Motocross race:

1. Keep Your Gear (and Yourself) Clean

It’s so easy to be mesmerized by the stunts and speed of these bikers, that you may not notice the amount of dirt and mud accumulating on your lenses or sensors. Be aware of your camera and your footing or you might lose that great shot.

2. Location, Location, Location

This is a cliché but very practical advice for motocross shoots. Choose your location carefully for hairpin turns, start barriers and finish lines. Make sure that you get good shots by being in the right place at the right time. You may need to check the track before the start of the race.

3. Control Your Equipment

Fast flashes and shutter speeds can create a dark background for your pictures so slow them down. Basic zoom and wide angle lenses can also enhance your shots when photographing a large number of bikers crossing the finish line.