3 Tips for Making Photo Canvas Art Great

Instead of buying that latest Picasso painting which will cost more than a car in some cases, why not get a photo canvas art version of it instead? Photo canvas art are images reproduced as large prints and then gallery wrapped in canvas. So if you want to personalize a photo canvas, here are a few tips for making your own beautiful photo canvas art.

1. Filter Frenzy

Take one picture and go crazy with the filters. Use the ones programmed in your camera or edit on your computer, As much as possible one filter per picture is enough. You can then put these images side by side in one frame. Find something in common with the filter you will be using like color, grain, special effects, etc.

2. Stretch or Slim Down

Stretching an image or contracting it to fit the canvas you want can recreate the image with a whole new look, Don’t stick with a template size. Come up with the perfect size for your wall or corner so the photo canvas can really fit the room.

3. Creative License

Just because that flower isn’t centered in the frame doesn’t mean it’s not artistically beautiful. Changing the focal points, regularity, symmetry or balance in a picture can actually enhance it, So don’t be shy, experiment and see what you get.