3 Tips for Great Reflection Photography

Reflection photography uses the subject and the subject’s reflection as a means of improving the overall effect and intensity of the shot. Here are some tips for anyone who wishes to try out this photography style.

1. Choose Your Subjects Well

Water planes are a natural source for reflection photography subjects, however, there are other original ideas that can be used to shoot a reflection. There are angles where shadows can be utilized to enhance the photo. You can even choose to shoot just the reflection. Try different shots, angles and time frames, and you may be surprised at what you will get.

2. Go Natural

You don’t have to clean that window pane just so you get a perfect picture. There are shots that get their surreal effect because the window is slightly covered with snow. That car doesn’t have to be squeaky clean for a rugged reflection photo of a Motocross race. Experiment with different reflective surfaces, but do consider keeping them the way they are first.

3. Get the Right Equipment

For these kinds of pictures, its best that you get digital cameras with macro shot capabilities, multiple shots or even wide angle attachments. You can also equip yourself with information on apertures, f-stops and macro photography as well.