3 Techniques for Sprucing Up Hiking Pictures

Being able to take great hiking pictures requires some experience and a lot of research and preparation. It is one of a few instances in the field wherein the photographer is not encouraged to take all of his equipment to the shoot. This is considered unnecessary baggage and can encourage fatigue. Photographers should bring only the essentials and follow the succeeding techniques to improve hiking pictures.

1. Include People in the Shot

Traveling in a group has its benefits and disadvantages. Including people in the photographs helps illustrate the idea of scale and adds foreground detail to an image. When traveling with a more experienced group, they may be unwilling to stop every few yards for a picture. Photographers will end up walking more because of the time it takes to stop, compose the shot and take a picture, as well as make up for lost ground.

2. Always Shoot in RAW

Photographing skies and landscapes can be problematic because of the contrasting colors and brightness levels. A graduated filter may be a solution but may entail carrying more unnecessary items. Photographing in RAW allows photographers to do more during the post processing stage and bring back some of the detail lost with overexposed photographs.

3. Carry a Tripod

A tripod can help stabilize the camera to create better shots. Purchase a tripod that is lightweight and can be packed to a small size. Another option is carrying a flexible hiking stick, which photographers can use as a monopod or can be used to help attach the camera to tree branches and the like.