3 Portrait Photography Tips for Pros

Portrait photography is about the person or subject being photographed. This branch of photography poses its own set of challenges depending on the person being photographed, the location, the equipment being used and a host of other factors. The following tips are for professionals in the field who are looking into improving their craft even further.

1. Choosing a Location

A studio gives a photographer the freedom and ability to control elements such as the background, the equipment and lighting to use for the shoot. Photographers who do not have their own studio or cannot rent one can try environmental portraiture. This involves photographing the subject in an environment that the model is comfortable being in. When photographing outside the studio, make sure that the background does not take away the focus from the subject. Bring several cameras, lenses and additional lighting sources when photographing in a different location.

2. Lighting Considerations

The amount of additional lighting depends on the location. When in a studio, light from multiple sources to reduce the amount of dark shadows in an image. For photographing the subject outdoors, aim to have the shoot during an overcast day or the afternoon for a more diffused lighting effect. If shooting during a bright day, bring reflectors and flash devices to compensate for the dark shadows.

3. Poses

Although portraits are about the subject being photographed, it does not necessarily mean that the subject faces the camera directly. In some cases, photographing head on can create unflattering images. Capture the spirit of the individual. Try several angles and poses. Experiment and let the subject move freely. Allowing the subject to be more comfortable can produce better shots.