3 Hotel Photography Trends

Current hotel photography techniques have recently shifted to a more realistic approach, giving guests a more truthful and precise view of the hotels they want to visit. Here are three current hotel photography trends:

1. Focus on the Room

Before, hotel photography required models to pose as contented customers. Now, an actual employee smiling behind the front desk is enough. Hotel photos need to show off the best amenities like the spa, ballrooms and rooms. Don’t bother with models; just shoot the rooms.

2. Minimize Spotlights

Unlike before where the whole room would be washed out with large spotlights, present hotel photography requires only natural lighting with only two to three light sources. The photos will be more realistic instead of looking like an advertising picture.

3. Avoid Additional Decor

Adding plants and vases to a room just for a shoot can be misleading. Other than making sure that appliance wirings are hidden and beds are smooth, there’s hardly any changes necessary for the shoot.

Misleading photos can affect a hotel’s reputation in the long run. Keeping shots as simple and natural as possible will assure visitors that what they saw in your pictures is exactly what they’ll get.