How to Upload Photos to Facebook

If you have a Facebook account then you probably want to know how to upload photos to your Facebook photo album. Facebook is a huge online community consisting of millions of people. You probably already have a Facebook account and if not you should know someone that does. Facebook makes it possible to upload and share photos with the whole community.

It's actually very easy to upload your own photos to your Facebook account. Learning how to upload photos to your Facebook account won't take you very long to master at all.

Step 1 - Registering for an Account

First you should visit and either log into your existing account or register for a new one. registering for an account is very easy and won't take long. You will just need to fill out a few basic details including your email address, personal details and also choose a password. Once you have set your account up properly you will then be able to log in and start setting up your profile. Setting up your Facebook profile won't take very long to complete and you can fill it with all sorts of useful information.

Step 2 - Photos

Click the Photos link which is displayed along the right hand side of your screen. This will be visible underneath the bookmarks menu once you have logged into your account.

Step 3 - Creating a Photo Album

The next step is creating your own photo album so that you can upload and start sharing photos. To do this click on the Create a Photo Album link, this should be in a great box which is normally found at the right hand side of your screen.

Fill out the fields so that you can set your photo album up. There are a number of different fields which you will need to enter including a name for your album, you also need to enter a location and type in a description. The description can be anything that you want. There are also a number of privacy settings which you can adjust to restrict who can access and look at your photos.

Step 4 - Uploading Photos

Now continue to the page where you can upload the photos from your computer and store them on the Facebook web site. Simply browse your computer and take a look for the folder where the photos are located which you want to upload. When you have found this folder you can then select the individual photos by checking them.

Once the photos are selected, click on the upload button which is found at the top right hand corner of the dialog box to upload photos. There is a restriction to 60 photos per photo album, you can change the caption of the photos by entering text and also add tags which make it really easy for people to find it.

Step 5 - Save

Now all that's left to do is click on the save changes button which is found right at the bottom of the screen. This will automatically activate the photo album and people can then view it.

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