How to Make Your Own Photo Storage Containers

Photo storage containers will help to keep your photos safe and protected. Digital photography means that you can store photos safely on your computer. However, there are still lots of printed photographs you'll want to safely store. It's important to keep these photographs organized and properly stored so that they don't get creased, scratched or fade prematurely.

Photo storage containers can be brought from all good camera stores. If you are looking for a much easier and cheaper solution, then you could also consider making your own. As these are essentially a box, they are very simple to make. These can be tucked out of the way to archive your most precious photos.

Step 1: Consider Your Requirements

The first thing that you will need to do is think about your requirements for photo storage containers. Hopefully you will be storing your photos somewhere in your home. In this case, cardboard will normally be sufficient to protect them. However, if you are storing them in your attic, garage or basement, then you might need to look for other alternatives. Plastic storage boxes are more durable and water tight. This will ensure that your photos will be protected wherever they are kept.

It's much easier to work with cardboard to make your own storage containers. It should also be very easy to find suitable boxes for free if you know where to look. These boxes can be cut with a pair of scissors, which makes it simple to make a box that is the correct shape.

If you have less space available to store your photos, then you might consider using a thick polythene bag instead. These bags will protect your photos although they won't necessarily stop them from getting creased.

Step 2: Find a Box

You will need to find a suitable box which can be used to store your photographs. The easiest type of box to use will be a simple cardboard box. If you want to use this, then you will need to spend some time searching around grocery stores. It's important that the box is strong, in good condition and not dirty or damp.

If you want to use a plastic box, then this will be slightly more difficult to find. You would need to buy a specialist plastic photo storage box as these are made to correct dimensions. Alternatively, it might be possible to buy a cheaper standard storage box made out of plastic which is suitable for photos.

Step 3: Construct the Box

To make your own box, you will first need to measure the size of your photos. Then, mark on the box where you need to cut it. Start by cutting the boxes, and using glue or tape, make a smaller box which is the right size for your photos.

Step 4: Organize

The beauty of photo storage boxes is that you will be able to use them to organize your photos. You can create a filing system which will make it very easy to find any photos that you are looking for.