Why Use Windows Movie Maker on a Flip Camera?

It's possible to use Windows Movie Maker with a Flip camera to edit the footage. Flip cameras are designed to be very simple. These make it possible to shoot video and then transfer it to your computer without needing any cables. However, few people would actually want to upload a video without first editing it. Sharing the videos with the FlipShare application is very simple, but this might not be the best option for everyone. By editing your videos with Windows Movie Maker, you will be able to touch them up and make them look much better.

Easy to Use

Anyone using a Flip video camera will want to use simple software. Windows Movie Maker is a very easy to use application which makes it simple to edit all of your videos.


Windows Movie Maker is available for free on any Windows computer. This means that your computer should already have the necessary software.

Special Effects

Windows Movie Maker includes a number of transitions and special effects. These effects can be added easily to your video to make it look much more professional.

Enhances Your Videos

You will be able to make your Flip videos look much more professional and of higher quality with this software.