What is a Promotional Video?

A promotional video can be used to tell your customers about your products and services. When creating a promo video for your products, it important to bear in mind a few different things. This will ensure that your promotional video is an effective way of attracting customers.

Promoting Your Business

These promotional videos are designed to promote your business and its products or services. It is essential that they portray your business in a positive light and make people want to buy from your business.

Short and Concise

Promotional videos should be straight to the point. These videos should typically last no longer than 10 or 15 minutes at most. This will ensure that as many people as possible will watch and enjoy the video. This will make sure that lots of people will be interested in purchasing your products or services.


While VHS was a popular medium used for promotional videos in the past, many modern versions are now burned onto DVDs. This is very popular because they are cheap and easy to produce. It's even possible to burn these DVDs on a fairly standard computer.

The promotional videos can also be written to files. This is a very simple way of sharing promotional videos on the Internet without needing to write them to DVDs.

Used at Exhibitions

If your business ever attends exhibitions, you can also use your promotional video for this. It's easiest to use it as a DVD or video file, as a loop can automatically be set up. This will make it very simple to inform people about your business before they get chance to talk to you.