Understanding Stereoscopic 3D Films

Stereoscopic 3D films are becoming very popular. These make it possible to watch a film in 3D by wearing special 3D glasses. The glasses make your brain see a slightly different view from each eye. This makes you see the picture in three dimensions.

Two Views

To create a Stereoscopic 3D film, you will need to film from two views. This needs to use either a three dimensional camera, or two separate cameras. Each camera is positioned close to one another, but will see a slightly different view. These cameras are spaced apart so that they see something different.

This is the same as your eyes. If you close one eye and then open it and close the other, you will notice that you see the world from a different perspective. This allows you to see in 3D because you can see more of the object than you need.


The left and right footage is combined together so that it can be shown at the same time. The glasses make it possible to separate the footage again so that you can see a slightly different image in each eye like you normally would.

What Stereoscopic 3D Does

Stereoscopic 3D makes your film jump out from the screen. These films are becoming increasingly popular in the cinema, but with the advent of 3D TVs, they are also becoming popular at home. With some simple software, it's possible to create these stereoscopic videos.

Without glasses, these films look like a mess and are simply a combination of lines. However, once you put on the glasses, they will really come to life.