The Advantages of a Tuts Plus Account

Tuts Plus (or “Tuts+”) is an online community of tutorials and resources by experts in specific fields, and the advantages of a Tuts Plus account are invaluable for many designers. From photo-editing, web designing, program downloads, photography, sound editing and cellular phone applications, Tuts Plus serves as a helpful source of inspiration for those who are either looking to improve upon their skills or recover from a stint of creative flaccidity.

Expert Material

The tutorials on this website and associate websites are contributed mostly by experts and professionals in the particular art form. Those who continuously use Tuts Plus as a place for learning and growth will benefit from time-tested, simplified and improved methods to achieve remarkable effects on almost any medium.

Expert Advice

Interviews with famous designers and artists are commonly found in Tuts Plus. These people love their work and consider it a great opportunity during interviews to share their passion to those who also wish to carve their own path in creative design.


Unlike many websites that have interesting material for a few months, Tuts Plus is updated daily regarding the current trends and improvements on previous posts. Errata are also shown here, so that those who find themselves plagued by difficulties on how to create a “rust” effect in Photoshop will find that method B is far more effective than method A.

Premium Accounts

A premium account in Tuts Plus allows for exclusive tutorials, links, downloads and information that isn’t shared with regular members or passers-by. With freebies like free brush styles and tool downloads for editing programs, the minimal monthly fee won’t pose trouble for those who truly want to become better in their field.