Professional Digital Video: 2 Popular Cameras for Indie Films

Professional digital video has been revolutionized in the last few years thanks to huge advances in the technology of digital video compression. For one thing, the current cameras that are popular for shooting indie films all shoot in HD and don't even record onto tapes anymore. For today's indie film, the choice between shooting on film or video has been decided. Video technology can now create an image as superior as film. Here are two popular cameras for indie films:

1. The RED Camera

The RED camera created a revolution in the video camera world. It's a digital camcorder that has been engineered to shoot images just as good as 35mm film. It's so advanced that it can shoot images at twice the resolution needed for HD. This camera is for the indies that have a pretty good budget; the camera with its lenses can be expensive to rent. Plus, you need a lot of light to make great looking images, which means you need a fairly large crew.

2. The Canon 5D

The Canon 5D is actually a still camera that has changed the film industry. It shoots high quality HD and is fairly cheap to rent or own. Plus, it doesn't need as much light as the RED does. This camera is increasing becoming popular and many films, television shows, commercials and music videos have been shot with it.