Producing a Promotional Video

Producing a promotional video requires a great deal of planning. These promotional videos work by selling the products and services of a company to the public. It is important that that any promotional video is appealing and interesting to watch. This will make it much easier for people to be tempted to part with their money.


The very first step involves planning your promotional video for the Internet. You will need to remember to keep it small to restrict the file sizes as much as possible. You also need to identify exactly what you hope to accomplish by recording the video. Think about the audience you are targeting and the tone of voice that you will use to communicate with them.

There are many different types of promotional web videos, including those which are viral and encourage people to share them with others. You will also need to consider a call to action; this is where you tell a person what to do after the video.


You will then need to consider the budget that you have available to record your video. You will need to shoot this for much less than a TV commercial because they are two very different types of marketing. If you are familiar with shooting videos yourself, then it should be possible to create your own promotional video for very little money.


When you are happy with your plan, you can then shoot the video. Normally this will be much easier than coming up with the ideas in the first place. This may, however, still require several takes before it is perfect.


When you have recorded your digital video, it can then be edited on the computer. This is quite easy to do with video editing software.


If you are happy with your promotional video, then you can upload it to the Internet. Upload it to your own website and then concentrate on uploading to video sharing websites. You will then need to work to publicize your video so that as many people will see it as possible.