Indie Filmmaking: Low Budget Production Tips

Indie filmmaking is synonymous with low budget productions. Twenty years ago it cost a few thousand dollars to produce an ultra low budget indie because you needed to rent a film camera, pay for film stock, and then pay again to develop it. Now in the digital age of video, you can produce an indie for a few hundred dollars. Here are a few tips to making a great low budget production.

Use a Sound Man

In the old days of film, the image and the sound were recorded separately because that was the only way to do it. With video, the two became married. Although it's possible to record sound from the camera, it is not always recommended because those microphones aren't generally the best quality. Instead, you should hire a professional sound man with his own gear to work for you. Not only will he have the right equipment, but he will also remain focused on making sure you have excellent sound so you can concentrate on other things.

Use Real Actors

You could beg your friends to act in your project, but if they don't really want to be there then the odds are pretty good you won't get the performance that you want. There are probably plenty of people in your area who want to act, you just need to find them. Go online and post ads on the appropriate site for a casting call. Have people submit there pictures and pick out who you would want in your movie. Then hold auditions to find out who is the best of the best.

Make Sure Everyone Is Well Fed

Everyone that is working for you will either be there for free or for almost free. Make sure that you have plenty of snacks on set (craft service) and that you have pretty good meals. Remember, hungry workers are unhappy workers.