How to Edit Movie Trailers

Movie trailers can sometimes confuse the viewer because they may contain gaps in them that the filmmaker has left there, thinking that these will make sense to the viewer. However, if the viewer is not well informed about the movie, the gaps will only end up confusing him. As a filmmaker, you should know how to edit movie trailers so that those gaps make sense to all kinds of viewers. A good movie trailer must represent the overall tone of your movie. Here is a look at the steps that you will need to take in order to edit your movie trailer.

Step 1: Keep the Tone Consistent

A movie trailer’s tone is governed by music and by the pace of the editing. In order to create an effective movie trailer, you must maintain a consistent tone in the trailer, though this is not easy to do.

Step 2: Work on the Music

The best way to edit your movie trailer is by working on the music. The music chosen should fit the story of your movie. However, there are a few movie trailers that do not need music. So, be sure to be selective in how you use music.

Step 3: Include Three Main Parts

Each movie trailer needs to include three main parts: an excellent script, several acts and a good structure.

Step 4: Introduce Main Characters

The movie trailer should have an introduction to the main characters and to the environment. Once the foundation of the movie trailer has been laid, you will want to provide the viewer with something that makes him take notice. This in turn suggests that you will have to add some tension to your movie trailer.

Also, show scenes that help to show off your main characters in heightened stages of emotion. Finally, try to introduce the actors before displaying the titles.