How a JVC Mini DV Can Be a Low Cost Indie Film Camera

A look at some JVC Mini DV features will show you just how a JVC Mini DV can be a low cost Indie Film camera. Those who are planning to use this Mini DV for creating an Indie Film will realize that Progressive Scan is very important to the look of the Indie film. Here are some reasons why it pays to pick a JVC Mini DVD, especially one like the JY-VS200 “INDIE” Professional DV Camcorder.

Progressive Scan

This JVC Mini DV uses the best 680,000 pixel Progressive Scan that can record movies with best vertical resolutions, and it also offers superior resolution for digital stills.

Top Quality Optics

In order to create a low cost but good quality camcorder, JVC uses the best pixel-shift technologies to ensure that pixel resolutions can be tripled thereby delivering the crispest and most colorful pictures.

Web Streaming

There are some JVC Mini DV models (like the JY VS-200) that are capable of providing all the benefits of digital quality cinema production. In addition, such JVC Mini DV models can also provide Internet streaming capabilities. In other words, they are easy to link to any DV device in a seamless manner. They can also be linked to a computer through the use of very basic DV links.