Creating a Video Dissolve Transition in Showbiz DVD

If pictures are worth a thousand words, then a video is definitely much more effective and creating video worth that much impact can be made much easier with the Showbiz DVD software. Here is a guide to use the software to create great videos.

Step 1 - System Pre-requisites

For the software to install and function properly, your system needs to fulfill these basic requirements:

  • Windows 98/SE/2000/XP/ME
  • For installation of program – 400 MB of free space on hard drive
  • For capturing and editing video – 4GB+ of free space on hard drive
  • Pentium III 800 MHz and higher
  • 16 Bit Color Display (1024x768)
  • Recommended – Windows Media Player 9 and 7200 RPM hard drive 

Step 2 - Capture The Video

Begin by connecting the camera to your computer and switch on the camera power. Launch the program and select the tab that says "Capture or Edit Video." If you already have a video ready that you would want to edit, move to the edit option, otherwise go ahead and press the "capture" button and make a video first and save the file for further editing.

Step 3 - Editing/ Merging Video Clips

This is where you can let your creative juices flow. The "STORYBOARD" template provides you with a platform to edit and assemble the video clips in a story like pattern so that all of it looks coordinated and cohesive, just like a story narration. You can add still images, audio, text, video clips, scene transitions and much more to make that story look alive.

Step 4 - Transitions

The editing process does not just stop at the previous step. You can also add transitions in between the video clips as the scene changes from one to another. To put it simply, for example – you can put a fading out effect as one video clip finishes and the other begins. Along with these transition effects, you can also add other special effects as well on the menu. The steps involved are.

  • Click on the "Create an album" tab and you are ready to add content and transitions to your storyboard.
  • As you open an album, you will see the storyboard with large and small squares.
  • The large squares are the pictures, images, video clips and the small squares are the "transitions," which are basically effects that happen as one image/video transforms from one to the next.
  • Click on the "Transitions" tab and choose the one you like and add it before or after any picture/image/video that you prefer.
  • The easier way to do this would be to right click the storyboard and press the "Add Random Transitions" tab so that the program automatically adds transitions to all the open and available spots on the storyboard.

Save the video file. You can exercise further advanced editing and trimming options available to fine-tune the final product. You can also add text and special effects on the program menu as per your preference. After you are finished editing, export the video and create a DVD for your use.