A Filmmaking Equipment List for Low Budget Cinema

With the prices of high quality filmmaking equipment reducing dramatically and the availability of the Internet as a marketing and distribution platform, low budget/independent cinematography has had somewhat of a renaissance since the turn of the century. People can now make movies and distribute them over a wide spectrum of audiences to develop their fame and experience as professional filmmakers. However, despite these advances, film producers still require a lot of resources before they can start making their own films.

Here is the basic film equipment that is necessary to make a good low budget movie.

Video Camera

Depending on your budget, you may choose to buy the best available digital camcorder/video camera. Its size is no longer an obstacle as stabilizing equipment is now available that can be attached to a camera of any size.

Camera Film Filters

Camera film filters essentially let you control the transparent or translucent optical properties of your film, such as contrast, sharpness, light and intensity. Even though such effects now come built into your camera, having the effect on during the shoot still gives you better picture quality than editing it in digitally.

Lighting Equipment

This includes all the lamps, stands and other lighting equipment you may need to set up the perfect lighting conditions for your film.

Light Gels (Rolls & Sheets)

Light gels which come in either rolls or sheets and are placed between the subject and light source to control the brightness and color of your area.

Electric & Cabling

As filmmaking equipment is all digitized in one form or another, the electric and cable equipment, from data to sound to power transfer, are necessary to shoot your film. In addition, microphones and batteries are also important.

Dolly & Grip Equipment

Such filmmaking equipment allows you to stabilize your camera and smoothly roll it from one position to the next in order to minimize the vibration and shakiness in your movie.