5 Must Have Features when Buying a Camcorder Video Camera

Choosing the right features for a camcorder video camera is important. It is important to find the most suitable camera for the job and the user. Some features are better suited for home movies while others are for more serious filmmakers. The following factors are important when choosing a video camera.

1. Sensors

There are two kinds of sensors used in video cameras. These differ on how the camera captures the image. Charge-coupled devices or CCD cameras have separate sensors for each of the red, green and blue lights. This creates accurate, vibrant and sharp images. Complementary metal-oxide semiconductor or CMOS sensors are larger in size than CCD sensors. These types of sensors are capable of absorbing more light into the camera and consume less power compared to CCDs.

2. Zoom Options

Camera zoom generally falls under one of two types: optical or digital. Values such as 10x and 50x indicate an optical type of zoom. These values involve the lens physically moving, producing no tradeoffs in image quality. Digital zoom involves increasing the pixels within the image, producing a blurred pixilated image.

3. Image Stabilizers

This is a handy feature which reduces the amount of shaking that normally occurs when recording a scene. Stabilizers can be electronic or optical. For additional support, use a tripod or brace yourself against a wall (or hold the camera with both hands and elbows against the chest).

4. Low Light

Selecting a camcorder with an ability to capture under low lighting conditions is great when using the device indoors or during the evenings. Some cameras have low shutter speeds while others have a built in illumination device or infrared light to compensate for low light.

5. Sound

Choose a camera with a microphone built on top or at the front of the camera. For added quality, look for a camera which allows for an external microphone to be attached.