4 Fun Ideas for Your Pocket Video Camera

Pocket video cameras are small HD video cameras that are powerful yet portable machines that can satisfy your video requirements. Since these cameras are very small, they can be brought almost everywhere without the hassle of lugging around a large apparatus. They can easily fit in your pocket or handbag and you won't notice them being there. Here are four fun ideas for your pocket video camera:

1. Spur of the Moment Videos

Since these cameras are so small and portable, chances are you’ll have them with you everywhere you go. Since this is the case, you can take impromptu videos of different events that require instant video capture.

2. Add Effects

Pocket video cameras also have various effects that you can apply to your videos so these effects can be seen when you watch them. For example, you can shoot in black and white or in sepia mode to add a little artistic effect to your videos.

3. Zooming

You can also play around with the zoom function of these video cameras and have fun zooming in on various subjects. Since these pocket cameras have high resolutions, zooming in while taking videos will not have vey adverse effects on image quality.

4. Go Underwater

If you have a waterproof video camera, taking videos underwater would be a very cool effect. No digital effect within a pocket video camera can replicate actual underwater video so this can be much more interesting and fun.