3 Top Rated External Video Camera Recorders

Video camera recorders are popular digital devices for capturing video from various sources and using it to make movies, show surveillance footage from a business, or it can be a tool in someone’s job if you are a videographer. Here are three examples of some top rated external video camera recorders.

1. JVE-3309A Mini Mp3 Video Recorder with External Memory

These cute, yet practical little video cameras offer users an easy and quick way to take video of just about any event. They are super portable and you don’t need anything else to record right from the camera.

2. SONY VRD-VC10 DVDirect External DVD Recorder

This Sony video recording device can hook right to a video camera for an easy way to record straight to a DVD-type format so you can record your video and turn around and immediately play it in a DVD for watching.

3. Clover Electronics 4570 Stand-Alone Digital Video Recorder

This external video recorder can record in HD resolution in real time. It can be set for multiple recording speeds to save space on its hard drive. You can attach two cameras or a DVR to this device to hold your recorded video footage.

These are only 3 of the many different types of video camera recorders to use to make your next video.