3 Tips for Editing Blooper Reels

Bloopers are an amusing extra which can be added to any film. These are very easy to create since they simply feature all of the mistakes that have been made throughout the film. While you will already have the footage, you will still need to make sure that you edit the bloopers. By editing the blooper reels, you can make them much easier to watch and enjoy. Here are three tips for editing blooper reels:

1. Get Straight to the Point

Blooper reels are funny because you see people's mistakes. This means that you should get straight to the point of the blooper. Don't include a lot of footage that was already in the film. Simply edit out the unnecessary footage so that you can make it much easier and more interesting to watch. By clipping out unnecessary sections of the video, it will speed up editing the rest of the video.

2. Quality

While the blooper reels might not be quite as good quality as the main feature film, they should still be touched up. Try to make them look as high quality as possible.

3. Sound

Sometimes the audio might be slightly out of sync with the video on these unfinished sections of the film. This is simply because they haven't been edited. Make sure that you correct any sync problems to make bloopers fun to watch.