3 Simple Secrets of Indie Filmmaking

Indie filmmaking is the birthplace for a lot of careers in Hollywood. A good majority of the directors who have films playing in national theaters started their careers making independent films. If you're thinking of creating your own independent film to start your career, here are three simple secrets you should know.

1. People Are Judging the Movie by What's on the Screen

Just because you have a micro-budget to work with does not mean your audience will cut you a break. They've been conditioned by hundreds of hours of watching movies to expect the best in production values. Keep that in mind when you're shooting so that you don't make compromises that will undermine the project's quality. 

2. What Is Heard Is Often More Important than What Is Seen

Sound is one of the easiest things to screw up, and it is very important to have a professional sound man in the crew. Audiences can tolerate a movie that doesn't look very good, but they are not very kind to movies they have trouble hearing.

3. Feed the Crew Well

If you're making an indie, then odds are the crew is either working for free or working for a very cheap price. Repay their hard work by keeping them well fed throughout the shoot with nice meals and some sort of craft service. Your crew will appreciate that because a hungry worker is an unhappy worker.