3 Products that Convert VHS to DVD

Anyone with videos still on tape will need to investigate ways to convert VHS to DVD. By converting your VHS videos into DVD format, it will be possible for anyone to enjoy them. It is unlikely to come across a VHS player these days, which is why converting the video is so important. By converting the video, there is no need to purchase the films that you already own. It's also possible to salvage your wedding videos and ensure that they never stretch or get lost. Here are three products that convert VHS to DVD:

1. Diamond Video Capture

Diamond Video Capture ships with Ulead Movie Studio 10 and is one of the best value packages available. This includes a USB device which connects to a regular VHS video recorder. This software can be used on all versions of Windows and can burn DVDs and Video CDs.

2. Roxio Easy VHS to DVD

Roxio is a very big name in the video editing software business. Roxio Easy VHS to DVD is more expensive than Diamond video capture, but is just as capable. It has a similar USB device to connect to your VHS recorder.

3. Hauppauge Video Capture

Hauppauge Video capture features a USB 2.0 interface which can be used to connect your video recorder using a S-Video cable. It comes with Ulead DVD Studio 5.78.