3 Popular Video Cameras to Make Your Own Film

Knowing the right video camera to use when you want to make your own film is very important. It gives you the right set of tools and options depending on what you want to accomplish. Whether you are making a documentary, which will last a couple of hours when edited, or are making short video clips for anecdotal purposes, it’s important that you have the right camera. Here are three popular video cameras you can use to make your own film.

1. Canon Vixia

The Canon Vixia is a powerful camcorder that shoots high definition videos and captures your subjects in excellent quality. It also takes great still pictures, making it a very versatile device to make your own film.

2. Samsung HMX

The Samsung HMX line boasts of compact, yet powerful camcorders that are able to record lengthy videos due to their larger storage capacities. You can shoot all you want and still have some space for your stills afterwards. With f-values going as low as 1.8, these video cameras have great flexibility in terms of light sensitivity.

3. Sony HDR

Another compact line of video cameras, the Sony HDR gives you the power of quality video recording in the palm of your hands, literally. It can take great shots and is more than enough for you if you are a beginner or novice who wants to make your own film.