3 Easy Ways to Get Camcorder Video to DVD

There are a few different ways that you can get camcorder video to DVD quickly and easily. When your video is stored on camcorders, you will need to transfer and edit the files before you will be able to make your DVD disk (which can be played in many different devices including DVD players). Here are three easy ways to get camcorder video to DVD:

1. Direct to DVD

Some digital camcorders record directly onto mini DVD disks. This is the easiest method of writing videos onto DVD since you will be able to create the DVD without any more processes. You can simply take these disks out and then put them straight into a DVD player to enjoy them on your TV.

2. Convert and Burn

If your camera doesn't have a DVD drive, then the other easy method is to connect the camera up to your computer. Transfer the digital video files to your PC and then use software like Nero to burn the video onto a DVD disk. This is only possible if your computer has a DVD writer installed.

When using a computer, it is possible to add menus and edit the video easily. This gives you a major advantage over the disks which were created by the camera itself. It should be possible to create a professional DVD which can contain lots of different videos organized by a menu. Some of your still photos can also be added to make the videos look more interesting.

3. Professional Services

There are also some professional services which will take your digital video and create a DVD from it. This is normally only affordable if you want lots of copies of the same disk.