3 Common Flip Camera Problems

A lot of  people who've recently purchased the Flip Camera have reported problems ranging from minor inconveniences to frustrating memory shortages. If you are planning to buy a Flip UltraHD, Flip Ultra or Flip MinoHD video camera, do consider these current customer complaints at your own discretion and for your own safety.

1. Battery Life and Freezing

This problem is likely because of the manufacturer quality of the battery. Customers say that the batteries tend to get drained too quickly, even at full charge. Sometimes, the battery freezes in the middle of capturing or transferring videos.

2. Memory Issues

Each use of the camera yields a few seconds of maximum memory loss to the camera. This is a known issue that a lot of customers find extremely difficult to handle and inconvenient to constantly deal with. The latest fix for the problem can be found online. Just check the instructions on how to get it done.

3. Black Screen and Customer Support

After one year of use, the camera shows only a black screen. Customer support tends to shrug off this known issue, even if dozens of users have experienced the problem at a growing rate.