2 Useful Shooting Techniques with a VHS Video Camera

Useful shooting techniques using a VHS camera should be set apart from techniques used with digital cameras. With modern technology and advances in civilization, most younger people have no idea what a VHS video camera is. If they were presented one, they’d be baffled as to how to use it and would find it a monumental task to even study its peculiar functions. VHS video cameras are now studied for historical background. But, if you need to shoot with a VHS video camera, here are a few tips on handling this granddaddy of the digicam.

1. Handling a VHS

A typical VHS camera is considerably much heavier than the compact, lightweight digital camera. With all its basic attachments and bulk, most people find it almost unwieldy to use it for filming purposes. Use a video tripod or shoulder harness, whichever is available, and utilize a motion blur reduction program that some younger professional VHS cameras have.

2. Filming Process

Power zooming, or overuse of the zoom-in and zoom-out function, is a cardinal sin. The VHS camera’s zoom button is sensitive and is placed almost like a gun trigger near the hand. Make sure you have the best possible angle and distance before making the shot.

Also, since VHS cameras use tape or film to record, bring plenty of spares for a long day of shooting. As these cameras are considered relics and are often more expensive to reproduce because of low demand, be ready to take multiple shots with one or two cameras. When that happens, always be aware of the battery and film cartridge gauge.