2 Disadvantages of Used Film Cameras for Indie Productions

Used film cameras are cheaper to buy than new ones, which makes them more cost friendly, but there are quite a few disadvantages to using one for your indie productions. Here are two of them.

1. High Risk of Breaking Down

The biggest disadvantage of a used camera is that there is a high risk of it breaking down. If that happens in the middle of your shoot, then you need to shut production down until it can be replaced. This has the potential for doom as certain actors may no longer be available and the entire movie itself could get canceled. A newer camera will be in better condition and will be easier to replace than one that is no longer manufactured. 

2. Difficult to Fix

If the breakdown is a minor problem that doesn't require the camera to be replaced, it can still be difficult to fix it, especially with the right part. This is especially dangerous because a film camera is a very precise machine. If the frame rate was unknowingly altered then that would have huge impact on playback speed as well as the exposure levels. The worst part is that you wouldn't realize there was even a problem until after your film was developed.