2 Common Features of a High Speed Video Camera

If you own a high speed video camera or are looking to buy one, you need to know about all the common features of this type of camcorder, as it is very different from a regular speed video camera. Here is a list of some of the differences.

1. Increased Shutter Speed

A true high speed video camera can record an image or video quicker and has a higher level of shutter speed than a regular camera. A regular camera usually records at about 10-60 frames a second, while a high speed one can sometimes go clear up to 200 frames a second. If you regularly expect to be taking video of any activity with lots of movement, then this factor is very important.

2. High Frame Rate

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) defines high-speed photography as any camera that can take video or stills at at least 128 frames per second or greater, and if a still camera, take at least three frames in a row each second. The average speed of a regular video sequence is 30 frames a second, so a high-speed camera is significantly faster. This is very important if you are shooting a high speed event like a car race.